Why Is Rosa Parks Influential

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There are many people in the world that can be influential. These people are influential because they inspire people to stand up for what they believe in, do what they think is right, and to achieve their goals. Someone that shows these traits would be Rosa Parks. Rosa Park is very influential because of her Accomplishments, Remarkable Acts, and Beliefs. There are several reasons Rosa Parks is influential because of her accomplishments. According to (“Bio.”) “She showed her bravery when she refused to get up out of her seat on the bus even though she knew it was the law.” This quote shows that she is how brave she is. According to (“Bio.”) “Her actions brought attention to the plight of African Americans and civil rights.” This quote shows how people found out about her. According to (“Bio.”) “She participated in activism nationally to bring awareness to the discrimination of black people in areas such as housing.” This quote proves she got along with people and saying that blacks aren't treated equally. These are some reasons why Rosa Parks is influential because of her accomplishments.…show more content…
According to (“Biography”) “Rosa parks was nationally recognized as the mother of modern day civil rights movement.” This quote proves how people knew about her. According to (“Today in History December 1”) “Her arrest sparked a 381 day boycott of the Montgomery bus system.” This quote shows that she was arrested. According to (“International Civil Rights: Walk of Fame - Rosa Parks”) “she would travel through the states interviewing victims of discrimination and witnesses to lynchings.” This proves that she cared about other people that weren't being treated equally. Those are several reasons why she is influential because of her Remarkable
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