Why Is Safety Important In Laboratory

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Safety is the first and most vital priority to be considered in a clinical laboratory.Fatal accidents and infections are bound to happen if safety is not practised effectively .Therefore in the lab ,it is mostly the duty of the lab manager and the staff to cooperate and make sure the safety measures are implemented every time in the lab .Below are suggestions as to how safety can be maintained in the laboratory.

The clinical lab manager should have frequent discussions with the staff on safety measures to make sure they understand and accept these safety regulations and hence practise them such that safety is maintained in the lab .

Laboratory managers must take into consideration the displaying of appropriate safety symbols and notices ,this reminds the
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The staff members in the clinical lab should organise their work and be time conscious always so that there is no running around in the lab and loss of concentration which may lead to accidents

The laboratory manager should make sure a thorough cleaning of the lab and equipment is done frequently also regular check and control of infestation by insects .This prevents infection causing bacteria from finding a breeding place in the lab hence safety maintained in the lab .Clinical lab manager should supervise and improve the working conditions of the lab personnel , this encourages them to do their job effectively hence minimizing the occurance of accidents due to negligence and attitude therefore maintaining safety

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