Why Is Saint Catherine Important?

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Saint Catherine of Siena was born in 1347, the time of the Bubonic Plague. She was the youngest of a family of twenty-three children. When Catherine was born, she had a twin, but unfortunately her twin died. Her father, Jacopo, was a rich wool dyer and owned a big house where their family lived. Jacopo was so rich he had servants that worked and lived in his house. While St. Catherine was my 7 or 8 she had already had an encounter with God, heard about hermits and wanted to become one. Hermits were people who lived in caves, far away from towns, and focused everything on God. So early one morning she snuck down stairs, grabbed a loaf of bread and a small jug of water, and ran away. After miles and miles of walking, Catherine found her cave,…show more content…
Some symbols that are associated with Saint Catherine are: a quill and blank books because God taught her how to write, a ring because Catherine had a “divine marriage” with God, and cloth and oil because she was one of three women to be named a doctor of the church. St. Catherine’s Feast Day is April 29 and is the Patron of Fire Prevention. She died at age 33 April 29 because of a stroke in Rome and her body was found incorrupt in 1430. A specific devotion of St. Catherine is her love of Jesus and the Holy Trinity. She always believed in Jesus and had faith that he had a plan. Catherine prayed to the Holy Trinity all the time and mostly prayed for others. She even tended to Lepers and others that were sick because God told her to. St. Catherine had so much love for God that she had a divine marriage with him. I chose St. Catherine because her story was inspiring. All of her time devoted to the Holy Trinity striked me and her determination of being God’s servant. St. Catherine just seemed so interesting to learn about her story. I hope to imitate St. Catherine by helping the sick and the helpless. I also hope to copy her devotion to God so I can grow closer to God and away from

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