Why Is Salva Successful In A Long Walk To Water

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A Long Walk to Water is based on a true story written by Linda Sue Park. The novel is focused on two young children named Nya and Salva. Salva is a “Lost Boy” who escaped a war from his village in Loun-Arik and all southern Sudan searching for a new home and get to see his family again. Along with fighting for his life. But what made his survival possible? Was it his relationships? What about his hard work? And don’t forget his intelligence? Would you believe me if I said all of them? Well get ready because his survival was possible because of his relationships, hard work and intelligence. In A Long Walk to Water Salva survives for three main reasons and the first reason was because of his hard work. Salva is a hard worker because the text states “It was hard work running back and forth…show more content…
Salva created a new relationship with Michael, an aid worker at the refugee camp and Michael was showing him the language English which would help him in the future. In page 86, Michael started teaching him english “The lessons began that very day. Michael wrote down three letters on a small scrap of paper” (86) which did indeed help him when he went into a foster family in the states. Furthermore, he found his Uncle and Uncle Jewiir helped him across the journey by telling him things he should be aware of and things he has to make sure of making his survival possible. In page 35 Uncle says “We are together now, so I will look after you!” (35) and that built his relationship and trust. Lastly in page 41, the page states “Listening to Uncle, hurrying to stay close to him, Salva was able to make his feet move despite the cold terror throughout his whole body” (41). If it weren’t for Uncle Salva wouldn’t have kept on moving because of terror of what happened to Marial. Without the relationships that Salva built throughout the journey Salva wouldn’t have been able to survive on his

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