Why Is Santiago Important In The Alchemist

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In the novel ‘’The Alchemist’’ written by Paulo Coelho an interesting story with many characters such as Santiago a shepard from andalusian, the Englishman a person with experience, The merchant (gives Santiago a job after being robbed, melchizedek (The king) of salem, and Fatima a beautiful girl from the oasis with a touch of true love.
In the place ‘’Call to Adventure’’ novel introduces Santiago starting out with coins as his first step given from his father. In the quote ‘’People learn, early in their lives what is their reasons for being’’(24). Santiago’s reaction was very pleasant because he had received a gift from someone important which was his father that gives Santiago coins that allowed Santiago to start off his life. The coins that Santiago had in his hands he had a effect of thinking to buy a sheep so he had to explore through the villages and collect more money with the wool the sheep supplied him with.

Crossing the threshold is an important stage when Santiago has cross from a low level into an diffrent land in which he had escalated to improve his personal legend. Santiago’s threshold was when he was stepping near the desert and relised the faith he would have to have to complete his way and challenge many obsticle
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The mentor ‘The Alchemist” helps Santiago connect to the soul of the world and teaches his how to communicate and read the world around his heart. “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’’(40). Santiago's has difficulty when obtaining different challenges through the villages and has been thought that personal legends would mostly listen to their heart if he really wants to have the treasure in his hands. In this stage it showed how Santiago was effected from choosing a harder goal but working to obtain
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