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Most of us send our children (or minors that we care for) to school. We help them with: their homework, attend the parent-teacher conferences, go to their ceremonies and do all the things we’re supposed to do when it comes to preparing them to become great students. As parents or guardians, we understand the importance of education. We try to shape their minds and motivate them to understand the importance of their education as well. There’s nothing wrong with being the parent that sends their child to school to learn and become the best thinker that they can become. However, school is not just a place of learning and churning out assignments. School is also a place for social engagement and developing relationship-building skills. It’s one of the places where a child’s character begins to form and where they experience the most social pressure and mental development. School is beyond the books and the projects. School is where your child learns how to deal with varies of people, at different ages, backgrounds and personality types, who live in their community. Our…show more content…
This couldn’t be farther from the truth. This chant has good intentions, but honestly, it doesn’t actually speak to or even remotely resolve the hurt feelings, anger and frustration that our children when their peers taunt them with maleficent words. In fact, hurtful speech is one of the biggest acts of psychological violence that our children endure during their early childhood education. The amount of teasing and taunting that goes on during a school day is more than enough for their fragile minds and emotions to deal with. Yet, we don’t actually teach them how to deal with these threats to their social development and personal happiness. Instead, most of us resort to the same old chant of “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt

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