Why Is Segregation Wrong

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Segregation has made a huge impact on how human beings of different races and religions are treated. Many historical events have showed how segregation and racism is wrong and selfish.Discrimination has caused many uproars and protests all over the country to protect all races.The three main reasons why segregation is wrong is that it takes away their freedom, makes them feel unequal and treated differently, and finally it is unconstitutional.

In December of 1955, an influential and powerful woman stood up for her freedom to prove a substantial point about segregation.For example, after a long day of work an African American lady named, Rosa Parks settled down on a bus to head home, but was ordered to get out of her seat and turn it over
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For instance,’’When the black students, known as the ‘’Little Rock Nine,’’ attempted to enter Central High School, segregationists threatened to hold protests and physically block the students from entering the school ’’(Source B). This shows that all of the segregationists did not believe the fortunate African American students were as smart or worthy of going to school with Caucasians. As well, this exhibits how much anti-negros would do just to prevent what they thought was wrong from happening, which included violence.In addition, even though most people disagreed with the ‘’Little Rock Nine’’ from going to school, a few agreed,’’The rest of the country seemed to side with the black students...For the next few months, the African American students attended school under armed supervision.Even so, they faced physical and verbal abuse from their white peers’’(Source B).This demonstrates how people got together and protested along with the African American students on how the segregationists were being racist and treating them like they were nonexistent.This also shows how the segregationists were ignoring the fact that others were disagreeing with them, but they were mainly focused on being inconsiderate and treating the ‘’Little Rock Nine’’ poorly because they were Negros. After All, the Little Rock Showdown displayed how the segregationists treated the Negro students unequally because they were just as qualified to go to school with white
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