Why Is Self Driving Important For The Future

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Many organisations are working on advanced projects involving new technology. Did you know that Google X invented the self-driving car? Which means that in a couple of years, we probably won’t have to drive our cars because, due to their mechanisms, they will be able to work without human input. Let me explain how this technology works and how it will be important in our future.

First of all, this technology is about a mechanism that is able to drive a car at the place of humans. This system has sensors designed to detect obstacles and objects. It is able to detect objects as far as two football fields. Even when a cyclist pulls up his arm to inform he wants to pass, the mechanism recognised his gesture and the car stops to let him pass. For me, this technology is important for the future because there are a lot of car accidents that makes a lot of dead people. With the self-driving system, it could save a lot of lives because it would prevent collisions and detect all the possible sources of trouble. All over the world, there are more than 1.2 millions of deaths per year. More than 75% of the accidents are due to human errors. If we want to prevent accidents, this is the best way to do it. Also, a lot of accidents are caused by tiredness. With this invention, if you are tired, you could put the self-driving program and rest for the last part of your trip.
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The real solution to avoid car accidents is at our door, and it is going to change the world. The first self-driving car is supposed to be on the market in 2017. People are trying to make it the best as possible and we are going to see a big difference in a few
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