Serial Killer Argumentative Essay

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1.Society as a whole believes serial killer are evil because that is how the media portrays them. We subconsciously let the media control our thoughts by believing it what they tell us. The media knows the power they have over us when we listen to the news, watching a movie or even reading the newspaper. In the way they report news on serial killers , it promotes fear and anxiety to their viewers. Movies even have more effect than we realize as well . We watch movies all the time about crimes , which plants a seed of fear for people. Society will start to believe that serial killers live among them and that no place is safe.We start to think about how this can happen to us or even our family. Most people have a belief in what is good and evil. When it comes to good , we categorize it has innocent holy , pure. Evil on the other hand it is seen as something associated with the devil. Serial killers take away and harm the innocent of our community .To see them as anything but evil will be nonsense. When we see interviews about serial killers ,we see how they had no remorse or feelings towards what they did. It confirms even more to us as a…show more content…
At the same time I believe some are just lying about feeling bad because they just want people to see they changed and to be released from prison. Most serial killers are manipulative so they would be able to use that to their advantage to make people believe that they have changed for the better. From some articles that I have read it explains how most killers that are released because of their so called change of heart go back to killing again after. It is possible for people to change and become a better person but a majority of killers are evil for the rest of their lives. Its not that people can’t change but it will be harder for society to accept them as a different person from evil to good
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