Why Is Slaughterhouses Inhumane

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The meat industry likes to portray to the consumers happy farm animals grazing in fields, having happy lives, and long futures: however, nothing could be further from the truth. Every second innocent animals are being sent to slaughterhouses to be killed in such cruel and inhumane ways. The torture that goes down in slaughterhouses is something the meat industry does not want the consumers to find out. Farm animals that go to slaughterhouses are beaten, broiled, and dismembered alive by impatient, careless workers. Employees at slaughterhouses need to be immediately stopped. Slaughterhouses that operate in inhumane, unsanitary, and careless, ways need to be shut down by the government. Slaughterhouses are inhumane in so many ways. In fact, calling them inhumane would be an understatement. Animals are hung upside down on shackles while a worker thrusts a long knife through their necks. Then they they are sent down the line to be submerged in boiling hot water, while they are still conscious. In the words of one slaughterhouse worker, “These hogs get up to the scalding tank,…show more content…
Animals that go to slaughter houses see misery long before arriving. Animals lay in their own manure while on the farm and are vulnerable to many diseases due to the lack of health care they receive. Many of these animals are not properly cleaned before being slaughtered. One former slaughterhouse employee states, “One of the real problems is that animals have spent their lives lying in their manure, are smeared and caked with the stuff, and they’re entering the food plant” (Pollan). One other slaughterhouse worker also said, “During the evisceration of the animal, the manure can get on the meat. And that meat is grounded up with other meat, a whole lot of it can be contaminated” (Haw). Apart from the health related issues of the contaminated meat; animals are given certain medications to increase growth that can be dangerous to humans. In the words of
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