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Welcome to college: the best 4 years of your life. Everything is new and fun and there’s no one there to tell you to eat your veggies or do your laundry! FREEDOM! However, you’ve probably spent the entire first semester of this year partying a lot, studying a little, and sleeping even less. Sleep deprivation is extremely common among college students. Sleep is very important to the body and mind for a number of reasons. It allows your body to rest and replenish itself from the strenuous tasks of the day. We need sleep to live and the more activity we do during the day increases the amount of sleep we will need that night. Not getting enough sleep can cause changes in mood, physical performance and cognition. It has poor impacts on overall functioning. Pulling all nighters before a tough exam probably has you thinking that you will learn everything on the test and ace it. Wrong! A lack of sleep decreases our critical thinking skills and often leaves us disoriented.
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No worries; its fair to say we’ve all quit the gym at some point. Now you have incentive to actually go. A recent study has shown that physical exercise performed before bedtime improves the sleep pattern of healthy, young, good sleepers. For a long time studies have shown that exercise improves sleep, it’s basically common knowledge now. However this study goes further to show it can improve the actual patterns of your sleep. Individuals who workout before they sleep show an increase in sleep efficiency and prolonged REM sleep (deep sleep where dreaming occurs). The increase in REM sleep intensify your creative process making you better equip to handle the following day’s challenges. Don’t worry about going ham at the gym either, the study also shows that only 30 minutes of continuous exercise is enough to improve your sleep

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