Why Is Soccer A Complex Sport

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A professional soccer player runs about 48 kilometers, or 3.9 miles, in an average soccer game. This is three times the distance of the average football player and seven times how far a baseball player would run in a regular game. Soccer is a sport that, in most cases, is undermined and overlooked; however, in reality, soccer requires the most physical training, demands the most knowledge of the sport, and is one of the most well-known sports all around the world. In comparison to other sports, soccer requires the most physical training. For example, the United States women soccer team trains two times a day, three hours each training, and six days a week. This is a staggering statistic; no other sport requires their players to be so physically fit that they must train this intense amount each week. The average professional soccer game lasts at least ninety minutes and only three substitutions are allowed. Therefore, each player must be exceedingly physically fit so that they will be able to last the majority, or all the game if needed. Soccer is a complex sport that requires great physical abilities and strengths.…show more content…
For instance, colleges and professional teams will have hour long meetings before games going over previous matches while preparing for the next. Soccer is not a simple game it involves complex movements and a great knowledge of how the game works. For high school soccer, we have “chalk talk” which is about an hour long meeting where we go over what we need to focus on for the game. Once on the field a soccer player is all on their own, the coach does not call plays or tell them what to do. This is why soccer is considered one of the most complicated sports that requires the most mental
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