Why Is Soccer Better Than Basketball

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Soccer is the most popular and most loved sports in the world, but it is also the fastest growing sport! Some would say basketball is a more fun sport, or would say it is more loved, but they just aren’t correct! Soccer and basketball are similar in some ways, yet they have many differences as well. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and basketball isn’t even the most popular sport in its home country, so it is very difficult for basketball to compete. They both have physicality in them and with physicality in sports usually come injuries. Like it or not, most people enjoying seeing hard collisions as well as injuries! For those who enjoy hard hits would have a much better time watching soccer because of the high foul count in…show more content…
In basketball dribbling is when the ball is in a player’s hand and he or she bounces it off of the floor back up to their hand. In basketball once you stop dribbling you cannot begin again without first passing, shooting, or has an opposing player knock the ball out of your hands. Soccer in comparison, dribbling is when the ball is at your feet and you are moving while keeping it close to you (usually within three feet). When you stop dribbling in soccer the player is allowed to continue at any time no matter the circumstance! This guarantees non-stop, as well as intense action. The last, yet most prominent difference between soccer and basketball is the score and the scoring methods. In basketball it isn’t unusual to see a score break triple digits. The court they play on is rather short and up to 160 shots are taken per game on average. In soccer, on the contrary, even hitting double digits would be the absolute game of the year! The field, or “pitch” they plan on is very broad and an average of 15 shots are taken per game total vs the 160 of basketballs. That is why it is common to see a scoreless game. This ensures that every goal is unique and
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