Why Is Soccer Important To Me

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Whether you refer to it as “soccer” or “football” is nothing but a petty detail. What truly defines this lively sport is its ability to unify and provide purpose to humans from all walks of life. And this is exactly what it has accomplished for me. From the moment my father enrolled me into a local soccer club 8 years ago, I have acquired a practical set of transferable skills that help me succeed both on and off the pitch. As cliché as it may sound, the blood that poured out from injuries, the sweat that trickled down my face during matches in the sweltering sun, and the tears I shed during heartbreaking losses were worth the lessons and joyful memories that this sport has produced. Above all, soccer has taught me that the mastery of a skill can only be attained through prolonged dedication and persistence. Playing alongside the Vaughan and Richmond Hill soccer clubs, I have grown to appreciate the journey to the top as much as I do the final victory itself. The Canadian Soccer League and Lake Simcoe championship trophies, composed of stainless nickel and rouge ribbons, are meaningless without the hard work and consistent practice sessions needed to win them. All in all, soccer can provide a sense of diligence, especially to the youth, which is what motivated me to run a soccer program for students…show more content…
Even so, my progress as a soccer player is simply incomplete without the weekly training that I endured through these years. I may not have the natural flair or the instinctual feel that others may have for the game, but my dedication to this sport has certainly granted me the edge - an attitude that I always bring onto the pitch. Finally, I now know that the pursuit to success, whether in soccer or in the immense world of economics, can only be realized through teamwork and a foundation strengthened by strong work
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