Why Is Soccer Stuck In The Old Age

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FIFA Soccer Stuck in the Old Age Have been watching a soccer game and you see a bad call? Then you see the replay, it is like it 's mocking you. In soccer this happens a lot in soccer what makes it worst is that a ref can not look at a play. This causes some fans to get angry and not want to watch the rest of the game. Referees in soccer should be able to look at a replay and be able to change the call because it will decrease the amount of controversial calls, people watching the game are able to why shouldn’t the refs, and it would not cost much. So far in soccer 's history there have been too many controversial calls it has gotten nearly impossible to count. Some of these mistake are penalty kicks, handballs, and fouls. If the refs were able to see the replay it will help them see their mistake and change the call. These controversial calls make the fans mad and not want to watch the rest of the game. For example in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup in a game where New Zealand faced…show more content…
People that watch the game can watch the replay why shouldn’t the refs. When you watch it at home you can see the replay on the TV. If you go to the stadium there are little TVs around the stadium. There are two huge TV around the field where they play the replay. The refs might be able to see this but they can’t change the call. It would cost much on average a steadicam cost from $400 to $60,000. According to bbc news from 2011-2014 FIFA made a operating profit of $338 million. The they could buy at less buy 100 steadicams($60,000) and have some left over. Having a hundred steadicams is more than enough if they have more than one game going on at once. FIFA letting refs use video technology will take soccer out of the old age. The number of controversial calls will decrease, people can see the replay, and the cost for the cameras would be very low. Socer is the only sport I can think of that does not let the refs look at a replay. Will soccer end up in the old age of all
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