How Has Social Media Changed

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Top 8 reasons why the World has changed: The Social Media Effect

The world has continued to evolve and this has nothing to do with the Green revolution, nanotechnology or something way above our heads. Social Media has created a new paradigm and steeped everyone in a race; that we either win or lose out (with a very sour face) for good. Interestingly, it is not doom and gloom because there is light that shines brightly for the discerning. We would look at 8 ways Social Media has redefined our world. This is listed in no particular ranking or order. Just immerse yourself and glean the facts.

8/ Branding: Most businesses build their brand with the aid of social media. The effects has been telling as we have witnessed a huge shift in the budgets and advertising campaigns of most organization. You do not need to be a geek to understand that with each Dollar that goes to the Social Media, the power shift gets more entrenched. The platform to create visibility now lies in the hands of those who know how to work the magic in this field. If you ask me, I would not lay it all on Twitter; things just became sweeter with Social Media for businesses.

The power of a brand and the leverage it gives has made this one sweet story to tell. Conversely, the Social media effect is one pact that many have either learnt to utilize or suffer great loss.
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This would showcase the beauty of some of the things that social media has helped us achieve since the turn of the century. People would be able to learn across borders without the challenge of immigration and other avoidable challenges. The priority that has been given to the issues such as the girl child education and the events in the developing economies of the world show that social media’s place remains sacrosanct. When the story of how the world has been evolving especially in the area of education is written, social media would hold its pride of
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