Why Is Social Media Controversial

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Facebook. Tumblr. Snapchat. Pinterest. BuzzFeed. Social Media, what is it and why is it so controversial? Social media is the future of communication. It is a platform of websites and apps which enhances our ability to communicate, share content, in forms of text, photos, audio and videos. It also spreads news that is recent and current when it is posted. It can be used positively to increase business sales, and your ability to communicate with a wide variety of people. Unfortunately, social media can be manipulated in a negative light. Examples of this exploitation include cyberbullying, increased rates of unemployment for some, and spending an unnecessary amount of hours surfing the web. Throughout the decades technology has developed so that it is easily accessible for every demographic in Australia. Everyone wants to keep up with the new technology to fit in. For example how many times have you changed phones because a new version was released? This is an unnecessarily way to spend money. As well as money, a lot of time is wasted scrolling through your feed, liking things, and sending selfies of yourself with never ending snapchat filters.On average,…show more content…
Common types of cyberbullying include sending mean or hurtful messages or threats, spreading rumours online, posting harmful messages. Bullies can do this through an account where they are pretending to be someone else or hacking into the victim’s account by stealing their account information. Since there are so many forms of technology, this type of bullying can spread rapidly. It can affect the victim straight away. Isafe.org has reported that over half of adolesants and teens have been cyberbullied, and one in three have experienced cyber threats. Did you know how many people have been cyberbullied? Cyberbullying victims are also more susceptible to a poor self esteem and depression which can lead to suicidal
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