Why Is Social Media Harmful

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Do you think social media is harmful or beneficial to us? I say it can be both harmful and beneficial to us. Do you think that it is more harmful or more beneficial to us? It is more beneficial to us than more harmful to us for many reasons. Do you think that social media is harmful to kids and should just stay in parents hands? Kids can handle social media to not just parents. Although; people may say that social media is bad for our community 's. It can be very helpful to the human race. Some people may say that social media can break up relationships, or distracted kids from their schoolwork, or even lower people 's self-esteem. But social media can do the complete opposite, it can help people get into relationships, social media helps market small businesses, and it can help students with school work.…show more content…
Some people say that social media can break up relationships, but this is not always true it can also bring relationships together. It can help people get to know each other better, it can introduce new people that you have never met before, and it can boost your confidence about meeting somebody new. According to (Erik Qualman) in his video named Social media video 2013 he said, "One in three marriages started on social media last longer", Erik Qualman also said in the same video that, "One in five couples meet online". The internet does not destroy relationships, but instead creates new relationships. Although people say that social media destroys relationships, Erik Qualman proved that the internet does not just destroy relationships between people, but brings people together to and sometimes it is better because they last longer when they meet online instead of in person. These reasons show that the web can bring people together, and not just destroy relationships and separate
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