Personal Narrative: Can Society Function Without Respect

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Can society function without respect? No, society can’t function without respect because people will pick on other people for little things and then eventually push that person far enough to causes harm to themselves or someone else because they have never been complimented and will feel like they're useless. If bosses disrespect their workers then their workers will not like their boss and possibly quit. When they quit they will spread the word that that boss is mean and either convince others to quit or get the boss fired because of them being mean. Then in the worst case all the workers might quit and have nobody to run that company and if it is an electric company than no electricity and no electricity then no microwave or oven and no food…show more content…
I do not like when people disrespect me for something so small as me not be the best at basketball or being the kid who doesn't have the new haircut. People like a YouTuber, he decided to document a bead body in suicide forest in Japan. He got tons of disrespect even after he made an apology. Even though what he did was wrong he realized his mistake and apologized but people still disrespected him. At the same time though this is just a real-life experience of disrespect in the world. Like my friend, he got bullied at school for liking Roblox. He also liked to play Pokemon and kids would steal his cards and tear them to make fun of him. This is what the world would look like in my eyes without respect. So can society function without respect? Society cannot function without respect because of the people and them feeling so bad about them self that they have to disrespect someone else to feel better about them self. For this reason, society cannot function without respect in the world. This would make the world fall to pieces the world can’t function without respect not just the community or household or
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