Why Is Sociology Important To Study Sociology

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Sociology is the scientific study of human life and societies.The scope of sociology is wide and changing from person to person.People need to understand why we are as we are,why we act as we do,and this needs learning sociological thinking-at the broader view.It means cultivating the imagination.Mills has a term ‘the sociological imagination’ it means ‘think ourselves away’. Activities can be subject of sociology because they cause many things and link people.For example,when we go shopping and buy something,this activities provide us social interaction.Also,shopping links people because in the shopping a person can talk different people,the process is production also affects many people.Transformation of productions is global concern,so many simple activities can be study of sociology because it has global effects.Studying sociology is also important,some events look like individual but their effects are larger.For example,unemployment can be tragedy for someone but it is a public issue.

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