Why Is Socrates Wrong

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Socrates was a great Athenian philosopher known for his sayings about “knowing nothing” and the “unexamined life is not worth living”. Socrates was a man that was in search of the truth about wisdom. However, the answer of true wisdom leads Socrates to be brought up on charges on corrupting society. Socrates was formerly accused of corrupting the youth and impiety. These charges were brought against him by Meletus and Anytus at the time Socrates was 70 years old and had become a recognize citizen of Athens. Socrates was convicted of all charges, and was sentenced to death. He was required to consume the poisonous plant hemlock. Socrates was wrongly convicted, suffered under an unjust ruling and charged for invalid reasons. It was wrong to condemn Socrates to death. If Socrates was an innocent man, then it was wrong to condemn him. Socrates was falsely accused. Socrates would go his life, nothing but self-examination. He was not trying to intentionally disobey the gods, nor corrupt the youth. He questions in hope to arrive to some sort of truth and meaning. His entire life has…show more content…
Socrates wasn’t the great corrupter of the youth, he was the educator of the youth. All Socrates is doing was going out to different people and questioning them. He may had some young people following him, but all they were doing was listening to the conversations Socrates had with the people of Athens. If the youth came up with ideas based on the conversations he had, then it was perfectly okay. Their believes were coming within themselves, not Socrates. Socrates was not teaching anyone anything. Socrates was the one that cause individuals to start questioning democracy. There is no evidence that individuals had been corrupted. Socrates never told anyone what to do. He challenged people to think critically for themselves. All he did was educating them how to think using the Socratic Method of questioning everything. Therefore, he was not corrupting the
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