Why Is Softball Important To Me Essay

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One extracurricular that has influenced my personality, outlook on life, and plans for the future, is softball. I have been playing softball since I was a young child, but it was not until recently that I realized why my appreciation for the sport is so great. During the summer between my eighth grade and freshman year, I joined a travel softball team called The Fox River Fury based out of Sheridan, Illinois. The team and I traveled around Illinois competing against other softball teams in our age division. It was then that I realized softball was not just an activity that I enjoyed but rather an outlet for me.

When I am playing softball, I turn into the person I have always wanted to be. I become more caring, compassionate, fearless, and most of all, I become part of a team. Since playing with my travel team, we have become a family and I feel empowered knowing that I have people there who will support me no matter how many times I miss a throw or strike out. I am considered a role model to the younger girls. On our team we have nicknames for everybody; mine is Superbeast. Our coach gave a younger catcher the nickname of Mini Superbeast because she strives so hard to be like me. When I discovered this, I was genuinely surprised because I was not aware of the impact I have on other players in my league.
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I am considered the silent leader on all of my sports teams because I lead with my actions rather than my words. People have mentioned that when I do speak, everybody listens. Yet again, I was genuinely taken off guard because I did not see myself as a person of leadership and wisdom in
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