Why Is Southern Hospitality Important In Today's Society

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In America’s society today there are many basic commandments that we must follow

such as Southern hospitality. Young children use their manners when they are in the presence of

their elders, men being gentlemen to women, don’t take another person’s life, uses common

courtesy, listen to people that you look up to, and also the golden rule do unto others as you

would have them do unto you. Why are the commandments so important in today’s society?

Southern hospitality is helping people without asking for their kindness. For example

being welcoming and having a pleasant spirit such as when people visit your home, helping the

less fortunate at the homeless shelters. Showing Southern hospitality is when you do things for
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We all have great abilities and talents that can be used to better the world. The

Bible says that killing is wrong by saying thou shall not kill. In God’s eyes it’s wrong to kill

because you can’t take someone’s life that doesn’t belong to you. By law if you take a person’s

life you can be charged with life in prison.

Listening to your elders is not just respectful, but can be wise and help you in the long

run. Many elders give great advice related to dealing with relationships, jobs, and life in general,

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25 November 2016

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because they have faced the challenges life may bring. A majority of young people say that their

lives were greatly improved by listening to their elders in their family.

In conclusion today we have many commandments that help guide us in the right way of

living. Some are self-explanatory; however others have different interpretations on them. These

seven commandments have a simple message to help people, treat people the way you want to be

treated, show manners, love, and be a
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