Why Is Space Exploration Worth The Cost

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Don Hendrix
Professor J. Boyles
20 April 2017
Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost?
Since 1969 when Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, and Michael Collins landed on the moon, space exploration has intensified in the recent days with the developed countries competing to send astronauts into space. The US government allocates billions to space navigation each year to fund the scientific undertakings needed to make the entire process a success. The overarching question in the whole phenomenon is whether the benefits accrued from these space voyages are worth the expenses put in them. Asked why he kept climbing Mt. Everest, George Mallory, an English mountaineer replied, “Because it was there” (Billings 162). According to Mallory, exploration is an innate predisposition in all men; it is the nature of all people to keep discovery new things with an aim to fuel curiosity, creativity, and inspiration.
Virtually all developments happening in all places around the globe occur because of man’s curiosity to explore and discover new things that he doesn’t know about. Then comes the question of benefits and the cost implications. Mallory explored Mt. Everest occasionally and wouldn’t stop because he drew inspiration from
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That is, the decisions must be made in consideration of the other available options. In the case of space exploration, therefore, we would consider other viable options which could lead to the same results attained from space explorations as has been highlighted in the previous sections. Based on the goal of enhancing the understanding about human life and increasing the probability of lengthening human survival on earth, there could be other more cost-effective options available for consideration than space
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