Why Is Speech Compared To Walking Essay

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1.) Why is speech compared to walking? And what is the role of speech in the society or culture?
Speech is compared to walking in such a way that learning how to walk as well as learning how to speak is acquired through the environment or the society in which the individual bides on. However, walking is an instinctive process; an individual is biologically prepared to learn how to walk even from conception up to birth, summarily, walking is a permanent function of man. For example, a child has this instinct wherein he will hold on to a chair or a sturdy table and will try to lift himself up and stand, without the assistance of his elders. Walking therefore, is acquired by means of adapting from the society or the environment around him.
On the other hand, Speech is a
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The statement talks about Language as an innate or a natural process. According to Chomsky, language is one characteristic that is unique to humans among all other living beings. Furthermore, language is unique in a sense that it is dissimilar from any other systems of communication.
For an instance, among any other living beings, humans are the only species who can talk or converse with the use of language. Animals do communicate, but only with limited vocalizations, sounds and symbols or some partially learned systems. One characteristic of Language as Productive and Creative is Humanness which means that only Human beings can obtain language or they are the only species who has language.
Moreover, humans can generate infinite ideas and can acquire a large amount of information, humans also, are the only beings who can reason and make decisions beyond the capabilities of any other species which makes them unique in language

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