Why Is Standardized Testing Bad

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Standardized Testing; Are they so bad? Standardized testing can come with huge consequences for students and even teachers. A student who was a junior from Arlington, Texas got suspended because he took a picture of a STAAR exam. This standardized exam which had to be taken to allow there state to determine what a ninth grade student needed know going into high school. That student named Kyron Birdine did not find this test necessary just like majority of the other students. Many feel this way about most tests which are given each year that don’t count as a grade or don’t get sent to colleges. Birdine definitely felt this way too, he decided he would take a picture of his exam and post onto his twitter account which he did not seem to think…show more content…
There is a large amount of pressure put onto each and every student, it all comes down to one standardized test your junior or senior year of high school. These tests do not measure the ability to think creatively because it is a way which students are answering the same type of question under the same condition. Unfortunately, standardized testing is linked to a specific grade level and is not a good way to determine a student’s capability to perform. “Math, reading, and to a lesser extent, science are the only subjects regularly tested, students are drilled in these topics.” This is not a benefit to the student who is stronger in other subjects such as history, music, and art. These subjects help develop critical thinking; which students believe they should be tested on. Standardized multiple choice test are an unskilled way to test a student’s intelligence. Students seem to like to be tested on materials they know, not information they have been drilled on hardly…show more content…
Technically, teachers are not evaluated on how good students perform on these tests, but feel as if they are held responsible when students fail. They would rather guide their students to work diligently and master the test information, instead they spend valuable time preparing students for these test. Teachers are there to teach students and help them enjoy their time spent at school. Instead students are bored by teachers and are growing to hate them. Most teachers leave schools because of the way they are treated by their students. What the students do not understand is that teachers are there to help them be successful in life. When students refuse to cooperate, it builds more stress on the teacher; the more stressed out a teacher is, the harder it is for them to prepare students for
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