Why Is Standardized Testing Effective

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Standardized Testing “Sometimes, the most brilliant and intelligent minds do not shine in standardized tests because they do not have standardized minds.” That is a quote by Diane Ravitch. Some of the most brilliant and inspiring people such as Bill Gates the founder of apple, and Walt Disney, were not the best in school, and failed the first time. Failing teaches us a lesson. The real world isn’t about grades, it’s about experience and drive. As a student, standardized testing has quite a large impact on me. Our testing culture may be making us smarter but at the expense of the wisdom and creativity we’ll need to flourish in our world. That being said, are these tests in fact effective? Common Core State Testing: If you thought standardized tests were a huge part of schooling…show more content…
The results of these tests will play a big role in teacher evaluation, education policy, and even funding, so they’re not to be dismissed lightly. “We not only have common core state testing, but we also have SAT tests. The SAT is intended to forecast a student’s ability to perform in his or her freshman year at college. The SAT test consists of two portions, one measuring student’s mathematical skills and the other their verbal skills. The College Board administers the SAT test in the United States. As the Taylor 2 College Board’s website says, the SAT test "does not pretend to measure all factors related to freshman student success, but its scores have a statistically significant relationship to that success. It continues to weigh heavily in the college student evaluation process.” Along with the SAT, we also have another similar test the ACT. The ACT is a standardized test to determine a high school graduate’s preparation for college-level work. It covers four areas: English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning. The ACT is a test based on courses you have studied; it is not an IQ test. Most US colleges and universities accept ACT test
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