Why Is Stonehenge Important

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When looking at the history of art there are many different things to look at such as paintings, sculpture, jewelry, books, clothing, architecture and many different factors to take into account. The resources available, the culture of the people making the art and what was important to them. When there is written record of history, it makes it easier to understand the people and what their art represented. When we do not, it becomes more difficult. It then becomes a theory/educated guess based on things we do know from history. Stonehenge is the world’s most famous prehistoric monument, it is classified as a “World Heritage Site”. Stonehenge is located on the Salisbury Plains near Wiltshire, England. It stands in the center of many other less known monuments dating back as far as 10,000 BCE. It is estimated that Stonehenge was built in three different phases spanning roughly 1500 years, with the earliest phase being around 3000 BC. Since this was before written, documentation of…show more content…
It was a temple dedicated to all the gods. The building caught fire twice before being completely rebuilt in 125 AD by Emperor Hadrian. It is suspected that the second re-building of the Pantheon was designed by Hadrian. In 608 the Pantheon was handed over to Pope Boniface IV by the Byzantine emperor Phocas. It then became a Christian church. Sometime around 1200 Pope Urban VII ordered the bronze covering of the pronaos to be stripped away and melted down. The bronze was then used at St. Peters basilica. Despite this altering of the original design, the church probably did provide some protection of the building throughout the centuries. From the sixteenth century on the Pantheon became a burial place for nobles and great artist. The most famous artist buried here is Raphael. Today the Pantheon is a museum and considered the most preserved building of ancient
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