Stress At Work Essay

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Work is stressful for everyone, people all have limits of what they can or cannot handle while working. However, work has its basic symptoms of stress, Fit for Work Team said “early signs of stress include: changes to your normal behaviour — such as eating and sleep habits; feeling depressed or down and becoming increasingly emotional; becoming withdrawn, nervous and demotivated; feeling confused and disappointed with yourself”. Stress leads to a whole lot of health deteriorating symptoms whether it is a lack or an excessive amount of sleep or food, or if it is a change in the person’s mood or agitations. Most of the stress effects are the same symptoms and reactions as the effects someone has with anxiety, panic attacks and depression, this…show more content…
Just because someone has a mental illness does not mean that this person will always be down and depressed or thinking negatively. People have good days and then they have bad days, this is with everyone, everyone is allowed to have days they do not feel a hundred percent, it does not mean they have a mental illness. In records today about 20% of Canadians will suffer from a mental health illness at some point in their lives, which means if people do not do take measures to help others battle this illness the percentage will continue to go up and increase year by year. For all the types of mental health issues a person may have, there are ways to cope with them and better themselves, they only need the tools that will work for them to master these coping skills. A known quote to get you thinking is “Your illness does not define you. Your strength and courage does”. This quote means just because a person has anxiety, it does not mean that they are the anxiety, they just suffer from it. The way they deal with their anxiety is what makes them great and almost invincible in their everyday lives. The strength the person has to keep pushing through and living every day is what makes their story and makes them who they are. These individuals are amazing and they keep showing the rest of the world to not allow little things in their lives to define them and for them to allow the actions they take to define how their lives will turn
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