Why Is Stress Important To Work

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Work is stressful for everyone, people all have limits of what they can or cannot handle while working. However, work has its basic symptoms of stress, Fit for Work Team said “early signs of stress include: changes to your normal behaviour — such as eating and sleep habits; feeling depressed or down and becoming increasingly emotional; becoming withdrawn, nervous and demotivated; feeling confused and disappointed with yourself”. Stress leads to a whole lot of health deteriorating symptoms whether it is a lack or an excessive amount of sleep or food, or if it is a change in the person’s mood or agitations. Most of the stress effects are the same symptoms and reactions as the effects someone has with anxiety, panic attacks and depression, this is seen on a daily basis. CMHA National said “Work is important to our well-being. In addition to the income it brings, it can be a big part of our identity, how we understand our skills,…show more content…
Then there are some work places, where they do not care or understand if one of their employee has a mental illness. When the employees suffer from any mental health illnesses there is a tremendous possibility that they will call in sick, more often than other employees, this is because they are too sad to get out of bed in the morning or they do not want to put in the effort of faking being happy all day around their colleagues. Which will cause people to lose jobs; therefore, losing an employment causes it to be harder for them to find other jobs, because they do not like going out of their comfort zone and in an interview for a potential employment offer. Run for Women Poll said “40% of respondents to a 2016 survey agreed they have experienced feelings of anxiety or depression but never sought medical help for it” while Waddell et al said “an estimated 75% of children with mental disorders do not access specialized treatment

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