Why Is Suspending Misbehaving In School

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Why Suspending Misbehaving Students Is a Bad Idea Teachers may be surprised to find out that suspending kids from school isn’t working anymore and we need a better solution for punishing the students. This is because many students would rather be home than having to come to school. Many schools in the past have used various different punishments for disobedient students but the main one has been suspending them from school and activities. This way of dealing with the students has worked for many years of teaching because the students back then knew that they were lucky to even be going to school. In this new generation, kids don’t care about school as much and would rather be home anyway. Although suspending misbehaving students may have worked in the past, schools should choose a different way of discipling students because, suspending students doesn’t fix their behavior, one the students come back they are more than likely to get themselfs suspended on purpose again, and finally most students would rather be at home than at school anyway. Suspending misbehaving students is a rather poor choice now because suspending the students won’t change the way that they behave. Mainly when a student gets suspended, they tend to think that it is more of a vacation rather than a punishment. So when they would come back to school, the students would act the same way that they did before and not have learned any lesson. Although some educators still feel as though it is a good idea
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