Why Is Sweden The Worst Country In The World

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Sweden is not the most boring country in the world. In sweden we got many great things and people really like it. We got free medical care and elderly care and much more! But there are still people that complain on these small things that nobody notise and it really grinds my gears. I was reading an article on Dailymail where Helena Frith-Powell described Sweden as the worst country in the world and I found many things that is completely a lie. First off all, the article is over 10 years old and it has changed a lot in Sweden during that time like the impact of global warming. It does not snow that much as it did before. We did not have snow at Christmas last year and she is complaining that it snows all the time. We also did not need winter jackets in October.…show more content…
Well today we have something called smartphones where you got social medias. Millions of people use it everyday. I promise that if she went back to London, nobody would interact with her. Everyone will be on their phone all day long. The third thing Helena Frith-Powell also said was that alcohol is dangerous and is sold only in state-owned shops and that you could not buy after 3.30 pm. Sweden tries to make better for everyone and they try to prevent drunk-driving car death by making it harder for the Swedes to buy alcohol. You would not like to have a drunk man on the train yelling and getting aggresive to the other passengers, right? But if you really need to drink you can always buy illegally. She points out that as a teenager, she and her friends drank alcohol that they could find and that it was very hard for them to find because they could not buy in a local shop and that they were under the age of
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