Why Is Tally Important In Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

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Tally, an almost 16 year old girl is given the choice to have something that she has always wanted but will she take it at, even if its at her friends expense. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld demonstrates that sometimes you betray and lie to the ones that care and trust you to get what you desire most. In the beginning of the book Tally says this to her friend Shay, “ You’re the one who’s running away” (p.86) The author is showing that Tally is agitated that Shay has decided to run away from her problems instead of confronting them. This shows betrayal because Shay is betraying Tally, who trusted her to do the right thing, by running away and leaving her alone. Tally is feeling betrayed and abandoned by Shay especially since she trusted her and
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