Why Is Teamwork Important

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Team spirit is becoming more and more important in the competition, and the ability of individuals is limited. Many jobs require teamwork to be completed. Teamwork is conducive to improving learning efficiency. In the group cooperative learning, each member is actively involved in the learning activities, and each member has great enthusiasm. The task of learning is to be done together, and brainstorm, and everyone does what they can, and the problem becomes easier to solve. More often, I like teamwork because it helps improve my interpersonal skills. The most important part of teamwork is communication. Through communication, we can understand and learn from each other, and we can solve problems through communication when we are in disagreement.
I think one thing that I dislike about teamwork
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I think our group presentations are very successful, because each team member is involved, sharing their ideas, and doing a good job of completing the part that they are responsible for. Be more specific, in our speech, we encouraged each other, and everyone gave a good speech. The process of speaking is the same as we practiced, and we are happy to finish this task. In the PPT of our speech, there are few words on the slides, which are the main points, so that the audience can better know what is important. At the same time we added a lot of interesting pictures and GIF, video, games, and small tests. The whole speech was interesting and the audience enjoyed it. However, our group presentation did not arrange the time well. In the part of the game, some games take a long time, which seems to lose some of the audience 's attention. So I think our group should make the time more reasonable.
Through this speech, the main lesson that I learned the importance of teamwork. The project is impossible without the efforts of any one. In the future group cooperation, I will communicate more with the team members, conduct more discussions and exercises, and finish the task better.
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