A Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

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In this novel, Aldous Huxley wants to point out the danger that the development of the technology will bring. When I first read the novel, I was skeptical about the setting he made because I believe that there is no reason to vilify the science and technology since our current society benefits a lot from them. However, as I go through the novel, I realize that the science is not the point only. Through the advent of John, Huxley stresses importance of the literature. It is an important moment for me, as I understand why lots of people praise for this novel. Through the novel, he reminds me that there should be balance between literature and science. Before reading the book, I thought literature is unnecessary for the life and sometimes obsolesce. I had had no special feeling when reading Shakespeare, which is praised by lots of people. Now, I realize the point of the literature; it allows us to think about the human dignity, individuality, and possible dangers that only development of science and technology will lead as Huxley refers in the novel. Bernard Marx is the one of the most dynamic characters in the novel. Even though he belongs to alpha plus class, his physical appearance is more similar…show more content…
He is a static character who consistently disgust about the new world. However, he unfortunately cannot get rid of his society influences. Both John and Helmholtz love romantic poems. It is when John reads Romeo and Juliet that reveals the limits of Helmholtz. He does not understand why Juliet calls “father and mother” and why John “gets excited about a boy having a girl or not” (Ch12 p.185). Obviously, Helmholtz always dreams about the different and better society. However, at this point, he does not understand the difference of culture at all. This shows that even though he has an anti-social thought, it is inevitable for him to have conditioned thoughts as a result of brainwashing, as well as the power of the
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