Why Is Teenage Social Media Bad

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Now a days, you can see people of all ages tapping away at their electronics. They are always using social media or other things, but most importantly, social media. According to “Teenage Social Media Butterflies May Not Be Such a Bad Idea” by Melissa Healy and “Antisocial Media” by Hilary Stout, They both talked about social media taking over the lives of children. They also describe how children cannot develop empathy for others or understand different emotions. How I feel about social media is that it is not good for children to use because it can affect them in the future. Who I think has the strongest argument between both writers is Melissa Healy because she gives the most information. Like in her article “Teenage Social Media Butterflies…show more content…
First of all social media is bad because it can give people negative emotions according to buzzback.com. It also gives them a higher exposure to cyberbullying according to buzzback.com. When people do this action, they are usually the ones bullying or getting bullied. In that case that is why cyberbullying is bad. This is the case I agree with Social media also has a good side. It is said by Melissa Healy in her article “Teenage Social Media Butterflies May Not Be Such a Bad Idea” that teens that use social media the most are the most psychologically healthy. Teenagers also use social media to keep in touch with friends and family, not to interact with strangers according to Melissa Healy. Finally, teens use teens in ways that are not harming them. They use it to collaborate with friends and family when they need it. In conclusion, I think that social media is bad for children because they are too young to use it and they will not be able to make new friends or do anything if they keep staying on social media. Social media should just be used by adults and teens, but teens do have limits.Most social media applications also have a rating so that only adults can use it. That is what I think about social media. I hope that i changed your thought about social media being good for
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