Why Is Thanksgiving Important

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Which is your favorite, Thanksgiving or Christmas; most people would probably say Christmas. But that does not mean that we should rush Christmas coming by skipping Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a terrific holiday that does not deserve to be passed by. Decorating and celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving should be considered erroneous actions.
To begin, you should not cheat the fall season for winter just yet. Winter possess great qualities, but fall has so much to offer as well. November is such a beautiful fall month: the cool air, the impressive pumpkins, and the delicious foods. Christmas is celebrated in winter, when Christmas jumps into November, it just does not feel right. Especially in Alabama, the leaves have not fully changed
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It is a shame people always treat this holiday with disrespect, they either focus more on Black Friday or Christmas. Even though the true history of Thanksgiving is not as pleasant as we always hear, it is still a time to celebrate with loved ones. During this holiday, we should take time to thank God for all he has given us. Yes, you can say thanks every other day, but spending a whole day, with your family and friends, to truly express gratitude towards the great Creator is amazing.
Some people argue you can smash Christmas and Thanksgiving together, because ultimately the intentions behind the holidays are the same, but truly Thanksgiving is about appreciating everything you have. Christmas praises the birth of God’s son, Jesus Christ. These holidays celebrate two different things, neither of which should be neglected.
Have you ever heard the saying “too much of a good thing”? Well, that is especially true for the Christmas season. If dragged on for too long, the magic of Christmas begins to dwindle. A two month long Christmas is less extraordinary than the few magical weeks. Saving and waiting for the holiday season, allows it to be more significant, special, and cherished. Christmas is a wonderful, marvelous time of the year, but would it continue to be if it lasted for two months every
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