Why Is The 1960s Better Than Today's Society

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Cruelty, inhumane, and discrimination are words that highly exemplify the radical times in the 1960s. Very few people were treated with respect including women and anyone of color. Kids could not express themselves and dress how they wanted without being judged. The 1960s were definitely not a time we would want to go back to. Although some people may argue that the 1960s were better and safer, today’s society is a lot less judgemental and accepting. The 1960s was definitely not a time I would consider to be better than today’s society. Women in the 1960s had very little to no rights. They were highly discriminated against. In the article written by Tasia Falcon, it states, “In the early 1960s, women were discriminated against in the workplace until the Civil Rights movement barred it. Women were excluded from educational programs, school activities, and everything that was federally funded. Now, women are treated just like men in the workforce” (Falcon). This is illustrating the struggles women had to go through in the 1960s. They were treated unfairly because of their gender. Women were not even allowed to go some places because of they were treated less than men. Now, women are actually treated like equals among men.…show more content…
People struggled to get in contact with others. In the text it states, “Society has improved significantly since the 1960s with new, more advanced technologies, such as cell phones and computers with internet… People can keep in touch and meet new people easier and faster than 50 years ago. Now we have technology where we can do almost anything with the touch of a fea buttons” (Falcon). This is revealing that in today’s society, we have a lot more advantages with technology. Today we can actually get in touch with others from a long distance away. In today’s society, people don’t struggle to contact one another because of all the major technologies we
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