Why Is The American Dream Dead

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Is the American dream dead or alive?

Why do people ask if the American dream is dead or alive? The American dream is dead because you cannot force people to treat each other equally. No matter how hard you try to make people equal by the law, it will not work because if someone is not really wanting to treat that person equally from their heart that person will know that you are being forced to be treating them as an equal. The American dream is as dead as George Washington.
The American dream is dead because people still treat you based on your race, your skin color, if your fat or skinny. For example when I was a freshmen we had a senior librarian at school who would always say, “ Since when did ninjas start reading? “ when he thought I couldn’t hear him. If the American dream is alive, then why are African Americans and Asians in general being called things that aren’t right? Our school librarians would always make differences based on who you are based on if you’re black, Asian or Mexican. They would watch you from the book shelf, watching just to see you do something wrong so they can kick you out, but when it’s white kids doing the same thing as the kids of other races were doing they don’t care they act like they did nothing at all. One time four white students went to the library study
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Once when I was at MacDonald’s to get some food and this elderly Mexican lady came into MacDonald’s and started to try to tell the guy who works there what she wants then he starts to yell at her about “this is America not México and you should speak English “ This elderly lady doesn’t know English because she didn’t have time to learn she was working as a laborer but he doesn’t care that she has to work 12 hours a day to take care of her kids. Is this an American dream to disrespect people just because they don’t speak
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