Why Is The American Dream Still Achievable

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Do you think that the American Dream is still achievable? If you said no, don’t worry, you’re just like the other 77% of people that answered the question when being surveyed. Does that at all surprise you considering the cost and expenses of everything nowadays? For most people the dream would consist of being financially stable with a nice paying job with a big house and some nice cars but, people may also have their own thoughts of what the dream is as well. If I would have been asked that question I would be part of that percentage of people who don’t believe that it is still achievable anymore. Most people are just generally outworked for it because they are more eager to get it and when that happens other people tend to quit. It is also hard to keep your spirits up with a huge student debt on your back, and it’s not even their fault either because they have to try to become skilled in a trade because in some areas people are getting fired due to machines taking jobs over. While most people don’t even have enough money to support their dream because of how much it may cost. Those are some of the reasons why the American Dream is too out of reach for most people. One reason that makes it very tricky to achieve the American Dream, is due to the fact of how much it costs to live and survive life every day on a normal basis. The basic necessities of life are a huge cost in itself, especially with the wages nowadays. That causes the people with the poor wages to struggle
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