Why Is The American Revolution Unjust

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During the late 18th century, much rebellion and political turmoil sparked the American Revolution. The American Revolution, which lasted from 1765 to 1783, pushed colonists to choose between independence and remaining apart of the British Empire. I believe that the Patriots were unjust in setting off the American Revolution because of their unreasonable motives and responses to Parliamentary action. The Patriots acted violently on many occasions and refused to remain loyal to the king even when they received many benefits as subjects of the British crown. The American Revolution was not justified because the Patriots were not justified to rebel by what they based their justification on, which was British “tyranny.” The colonists reaped many benefits under the British Empire, and some of these benefits prove that the Patriots were unjust to act violently because they did not receive advantages as British subjects. When the colonists moved to America, one of the main goals in mind for the British was to live out the theory of mercantilism. Mercantilism is the belief that if a nation could produce something desirable that couldn’t be produced in other lands, then that nation could make their trade profitable. By colonizing America, the British would be able to access an abundance of resources in…show more content…
The Patriots sparked the American Revolution, which was uncalled for according the British, and by initiating this revolution, they cut all ties with the British along with all of the benefits they received. The Patriots also blamed their rebelling on British “tyranny” but according to the actual effects and intentions of the Sugar and Stamp Acts, the British were not tyrants. Finally, the Patriots unjustly and repeatedly broke laws and acted violently. This proves the Patriots were unjust to spark the revolution thus making the American Revolution
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