Why Is The Architect Important To The Renaissance Architect

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Why are the great Italian Renaissance architects more famous then their great Gothic predecessors? Discuss how and why the role and image of the architect changed during the Italian Renaissance. The question can be interpreted in a very straightforward manner by stating that the architects on the renaissance were simply better at designing and constructing and subsequently became more popular and famous. Even though that was a big contributor to the success of the renaissance I do not believe in just that, I believe that it is up to the knowledge and interest of the general public and intellectual advancement through generations, which helps develop a major sense of aesthetics and interest in the world around them. Likewise what happens the in the surrounding environment like art, music, science etc. helped form famous renaissance architects and change their role and image. In fact at the time of the renaissance what had changed was the experimentation of artists and the general interest of the public to know more. Studies begun to arise and environment surrounding the renaissance became very research based. This was a big contributor to their fame and legacy so in this essay I aim to understand the reason why gothic architects were not as famous as renaissance architects and how and why their role and image changed through time by analysing not only the architects and their work but also the surrounding environment. We will explore this question through four main points

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