Why Is The Atomic Bomb Necessary

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Imagine two large cities crumbling down to rubble and dust. Everything has been wiped away due to the powerful force of atomic bombs. Listen to the cries of men, women, and children as they suffer from this horrible event. It 's horrible isn 't it? Well, this imagination was turned into a reality back in the year of 1945 when America dropped two powerful atomic bombs on the country of Japan. From 1941 to 1945, America was at war with Japan. America declared war on Japan when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, an important American military naval base. After that incidence, America and Japan had gotten into very bloody battles with each other. Back in August of 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt called for a development project to…show more content…
August 6th of 1945 was the day that President Harry S.Truman decided to end the war for good when he ordered the dropping of the first atomic bomb, named “Little Boy”, on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Two days later, President Truman ordered a second dropping of an atomic bomb named “Fat Man” on the city of Nagasaki because Japan did not surrender after the bombing of Hiroshima. The casualties of these atomic bombs were severe with over an estimated 100,000 people dead (“The Atomic Bomb”). The dropping of the bomb should have never happened because it was highly unnecessary, due to the fact that Japan were practically defeated already. According to William D. Leahy, the Chief of Staff to President Franklin Roosevelt and President Harry Truman and a very close aide to both presidents believed that the surrendering of Japan could be arranged without the use of an atomic bomb and invasions on their mainland. Another reason why we should have not used the bomb was because it was very immoral for America to drop the atomic bombs. The dropping of Little Boy and Fat Man resulted in many people to die in a very horrible manner. America could of have always taken a different approach when it came to defeating Japan because dropping the atomic bombs was a horrible decision that should have never
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