Why Is The Baltimore And Ohio Railroad Important In The 1800s

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Amid the invention and introductions to the world in the 1800’s especially in the United States, there was a demand for railroads to make traversing the Country easier. They needed a fast way to transport people and goods all around the country, especially between major cities, a great example of this being accomplished is the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. On account of the demand of railroads, there was also a demand for people to work on and build the railroads throughout the country. Railroad work opened up an abundant amount of jobs all around the country which was positive for the nation, but for the people working it was a very physically intensive job and low paying. The two primary reasons for the railroads was civilian transport and…show more content…
The B&O’s slogan of the time was “ Linking Thirteen Great States With The Nation” which ended up becoming very true. The Railroad was constructed in 1827 and is recognized as this country very first common-carrier railroad (charted especially for public use) (American Rails.) In the beginning of the B&O, there were many literal roadblocks, but the railroad ended up succeeded very well when it was completed. When fully completed the railroad ran for approximately 10,000 miles between the two main hubs Baltimore and Maryland. This success of the B&O railroad as the first of its kind had an enormous impact on the United States economy. Aside from the B&O railroad long-lasting effects on the economy and the people in the country long after it was created, when it was first created it still had an impressive impact on the country. It gave the people exactly what they wanted, a fast cheap and safe way to travel across the country and especially between major cities that needed faster transport between each other. The whole reasoning of creating the B&O railroad is very interesting. Before the B&O railroad was created there was the Erie canal that was being built to connect New York with ports in Albany and Buffalo. It was also well known that Philadelphia was planning on creating a similar transportation system to the Series canal between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The creators of the B&O railroad as a threat to the country leaving the city in the dust so they created the B&O railroad to compete with the
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