Why Is The Constitution Ratified

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Haven’t you heard? The new Constitution of the United States has been ratified! This document was structured by the Founders of the Constitution to form a perfect union. On this day in 1787, this living document that will serve as the base of our country was developed. The efforts that took place in the Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia finally paid off! The Constitution was made was based on giving equal power to the states and the central government and nine states ratified it.The Constitution will fill in the gaps that the confederation left, make our nation stronger, and prevent anarchy. The Constitution starts with the preamble, which is the introduction of the document, beginning with “We the people.” The next section, is the articles, which lays out the powers and responsibilities of the three branches of government. The final part of the constitution are the amendments. The amendments are the individual rights of the citizens and includes the Bill of Rights.…show more content…
Our group also believes that the first amendment is the most important because it gives the people the right to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to petition. The purpose of the constitution is to give the government structure, maintain order, give people rights and prevent anarchy. Overall, the Constitution is the document to base our government system off of. George Washington once said, “the Constitution is the guide to which I will never
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