Why Is The Death Of Friar Lawrence Exeter: Helpful Or Harmful?

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It was a cool summer night in the year 1903. Lawrence Exeter and his wife Mrs. Exeter were sleeping in their cozy home in Hollywood, California. His pregnant wife was a few days from birth so they decided to get their horse and buggy and do last minute shopping for the baby before it is too late. Once they arrived at the Goosie Gander Baby Shoppe they stepped out of their buggy and walked in. Inside they saw a huge selection of baby toys, foods, and blankets. The aisles were filled with anything and everything you could want. They bought some rattles, blankets, food and a stroller. After a few nights while in his slumber Lawrence Exeter was awoken by his wife having severe pain. They raced to the nearest hospital which was Hollywood Hospital.…show more content…
He had to meet in the same spot and pay the same amount the next week or once again he would assassinate his father. 1 year later he went out and bought some flowers for his love and she loved them. A few days later to surprise her, he bought her a diamond ring to engage to her. He gave her fifty thousand dollars to pay for the couple 's wedding. At the same time his father 's business was failing and was soon going bankrupt, so he payed for his father 's attorney for his company. He also played his sister one five thousand dollars to his sister. Yet again his father 's company was going back to court, so he gave his mom one hundred thousand dollars to cover the future costs. All that he had to pay for was an attorney from Walker & Walker and a lawyer from Wall and Smith. On July 1st Lawrence ran into Tony Spagoni again and July 2nd. He ordered that he would assassinate his father if he didn’t pay him one hundred dollars up front in the same spot. Tony Spagoni also forced his father to pay three times that amount twice or he would assassinate his son. He was convinced that Tony didn’t know who his was so he didn’t pay up. Another cheap mafia member named Peter Ventizzi also asked the same from Lawrence Exeter Jr. so he paid it because he loved his
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