Why the Death Penalty is a Necessary Form of Justice

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Aboubakr sebti
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Neil webb The right to kill and the fact of using the capital punishment are really important subjects that involve every country and government even if some nations abolished it. Indeed, some countries are still using the capital punishment to convict criminals, show the severity of the population, and fear the criminals. However, personal points of view divided the population in two groups: those who support this tool and their opponents. Thus the capital punishment is appropriate for several reasons: it's deterrent, it's cost-effective; and finally, it addresses heinous crimes. The death penalty can be considered as a deterrent for crimes and can decrease the percentage of
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Many people argue that he government allocate every year a special budget for the jails and prisoners. They think that this subsidy is used to provide all the criminals with their necessities and management such as water, food and electricity regardless the number of prisoners. thus, these people may pretend that the number of criminals will decrease by killing them, but the money that will be saved will remain the same even if it will be used in a different way. In addition, the taxes will also be the same, so why killing people! While this part of population think that the government will not save money when we kill people, I argue that by using the capital punishment, the government will save money; which can be used differently and in other fields. For instance, the money saved can be used to strengthen and armor the military service; which may lead to the decrease of crimes. A recent study made by LE MONDE estimates that the capital punishment costs 186 million dollars between 1979 and 2000. According to the report, a case resulting in a death penalty coasts 300 dollars, almost 5000 dollars less when the death penalty is not used. Thus we can see that a state can save almost 180 million dollars. In short, capital punishment may decrease the number of prisoners which may lead to the
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