Death Penalty: An Argument Against Capital Punishment

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The execution of a life has always been one of the most harsh forms of punishment from the beginning of time. Though the capital punishment is widely accepted for people that commit crimes such as murders, rape, or bombings, the death penalty is still unfair in some cases. The death penalty still is not the right form of punishment because it is unfair to selective races and social statuses and in some cases, it is too merciful.

Numerous cases and events could prove that the death penalty has always been biased towards certain groups of people. This is true considering that the rich white man has a smaller chance of getting the death penalty than the impoverished colored man. An example of this is the political cartoon created by John Cole. In the cartoon, he illustrates how race, poverty, and politics act against a person when deciding the severity of their punishment. This demonstrates how the death penalty has been unfair to the impoverished colored people because they have a higher chance of getting the death penalty. This also explains why the death penalty is biased and it points out the flaw in the death penalty which is that it makes it unfair for people of color and of a low social status.

In addition to bias, the death penalty is too merciful at times. Though it may seem odd to consider death too merciful since you are
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Numerous times we have seen that it has been unfair on people of low social status as well as colored people. The death penalty has also made it easier on the criminal because of the one time sentence that they get instead of suffering the rest of their lives for the high level crime that they committed. Lastly, the death penalty has been irreversible because innocent people that have been accused and killed by the death penalty are now dead forever for something that they did not do. All of this proves how the death penalty is not always the right way punish a
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