Why Is The First Amendment Important

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The First Amendment Early Americans fought the Revolutionary war to be free of Great Britain, and that’s why we have our basic freedoms that allow us to do different things that other country’s citizens couldn’t. All of this is because of our first amendment. The first amendment has had an enduring impact on the United States because of it’s important meaning and purpose. The First Amendment’s Meaning and Purpose To begin with, the first amendment is very important to the Constitution and our daily life. In the first amendment there are five freedoms given to American citizens, the freedom of religion (from religion too), press, speech (expression), assembly, and the right to petition against the government. According to the article “First Amendment” on kidlaws.com, the freedom of religion,…show more content…
Just as equally important as the freedom of religion is the freedom of speech. Some people think this means you can say whatever you want whenever you want like, yelling “FIRE” when there is no fire. This is not freedom of speech, it actually means, “stops the government from making any laws that stops us from saying what we feel and think.”. Perhaps the most underrated freedom is the freedom of assembly. This means that “American citizens have the right to come together in private and public gatherings.” Without this freedom we wouldn’t be able to go to things like social gatherings, church, or a sports game. The next freedom is the right to petition. According to kidlaws.com it means American citizens “can ask for adjustments or changes in government.” one way you can petition is by collecting signitures and sending they to an

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