Why Is The Great Gatsby American Dream Come True

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Essay 1 In Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby, he repeatedly addresses the theme of the american dream. Fitzgerald clearly does not support the concept of the american dream because of the probability of success, the separation of class and the fact that no relationship is perfect. When Fitzgerald writes that Daisy and Gatsby do not end up together, he proves that the american dream does not come true. The american dream itself would consist of be wealthy, in love and very content with life. At one point, the reader may believe the dream does exist and that Gatsby and Daisy will be together and everything will end happily ever after. Although it seems possible, the american dream is most frankly rubbish. Fitzgerald also believes that life…show more content…
Another aspect of the dream is to be happily in love with your significant other. Therefore the dream is denied because the fact that Tom cheats on Daisy all the time and the fact that Daisy loves Gatsby. Though, the couple do not get along for most of the book, in the end, they stay together because they really do love each other. After the fight at the hotel Nick portrays a scene between Daisy and Tom, “He was talking intently across the table at her and in his earnestness his hand had fallen upon and covered her own… They weren’t happy..--- and yet they weren’t unhappy either.” (F152). Consequently, Daisy remains with Tom. This meaning that the dream cannot be achieved because no one is always completely happy. Due to the low possibility of the dream coming true, the hardships of money and lastly the fact that no one’s relationship is always foolproof, Fitzgerald undoubtedly shows that he does not believe in the american dream. Fitzgerald constantly depicts in the novel that the american dream is a false hope and does not truly exist. People can only try their best to be truly happy in life and start every day
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