Why Is The Great Gatsby Banned

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The Great Gatsby According to Ebook Friendly books are banned or challenged for moral, political, religious, or commercial reasons. A Challenge is wanting to take a book down based on a group of people or a person. Most challenges are unsuccessful though (Banned & Challenged). There is may reasons why books are challenged but most of the time is to protect children from information that may seem inappropriate to them at the same age. Books like The Great Gatsby was and were challenged because of material that is considered “sexually explicit, contained offensive language, or may be unsuitable for any age group. ” According to Butler reasons for banning a book are: “racial issues, encouragement of damaging lifestyles, blasphemous dialog, sexual…show more content…
The Great Gatsby was challenged at the Baptist College of Charleston, South Carolina in 1987. According to Lombardi The Great Gatsby was challenged because of “language and sexual references in the book”. The Great Gatsby was also quite was also controversial for “Fitzgerald Jazz Age setting.” In the text, one can find some language like “hell, son-of-a-bitch, scrawled by some boy” and “sexual reference” (Lombardi). Many parents and other groups thought that it wasn’t appropriate for kids to be reading a text like that. Parents thought it had”explicit materials” that kids shouldn’t be knowing or understanding. The Great Gatsby shouldn’t be banned because it teaches students and people about the early 1920’s and gives a magnificent interpretation of everything that was going on in those…show more content…
According to ENotes The Great Gatsby seems an “exploration” of different classes in America. In the novel, you can notice how the “American Dream” of self-improvement worked in the Jazz Age (What was). In the novel, The Great Gatsby, Francis Fitzgerald purpose in the book is to show how wealth and money weren’t as great and easy as everyone thinks it is. Francis Fitzgerald sets a tone of “disillusionment” for putting out the reality that wealth is not as great as everyone thinks it is. On the other hand, The Great Gatsby also shows “hope” in the novel. According to Enotes, it shows “self-presentation” of Jay Gatsby. Author Francis Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby for his readers to learn about the Roaring Twenties/ Jazz Age and had no intention of making it be controversial or harmful for children or other groups. Many readers would say that The Great Gatsby is an opportunity to learn about a beautiful chapter of history with a bit of story and
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